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The S2S tool offers:
For the Coach:
  • a library with practices, readymade sessions and other resources
  • prepare training sessions, season and development plans
  • match management
  • communication system
  • reports and statistics for teams and players
  • design tools to prepare own drills
  • information to parents
For the Player:
  • training better at home
  • being prepared for the training sessions
  • log book per season and accumulated
For the Management:
  • overview all coaching and training activities
  • field allocation
  • equipment management
  • quality assurance
  • information system
Now also includes:
Readymade training sessions per age group
with selected favourite drills
Product upgrades are included in the price


Grassroots Curriculum
Grassroots Curriculum

To distribute the Curriculum AFC has established a network based on the S2S platform that goes directly to a managment page of each Member Association.

This gives each MA the possibility to customize the content in accordance with own situation and ambitions. In particular, each association/federation can translate the program into own language.

When this is done, the association can create its own network - including clubs, schools, academies and teams all over the country. In this way, an interactive communication platform is created from the MA to its units. This opens up for a cost efficient and effective way to build an own library with content and to distribute over time.

For more information, contact S2S